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What is the best comic book reader app for iPad? Quora.
Run Comics to actually read the comics. That goes to the web and gets some information it needs to create a web page for you. Then it launches your browser with the comics in it. Comics for Windows. Source Code for Comics as of J une 2 3, 200 8.
Chunky Comic Reader for iPad.
Chunky Comic Reader. Built by graphics-geeks, for comic-nerds. Chunky wants to take the friction out of reading comics on your iPad it's' jammed full of little features designed to make your comics look as good as possible and make reading them a pleasure.
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Chunky Reader For iPad: Made By Nerds For The Comic Book Lovers.
Now as we discuss the features of Chunky Comic Reader, lets go into detail about the reader and how it makes reading comics highly entertaining. Interface Issues And Support Within Chunky Reader. With new formats and advancements in the form of eText materials, you can easily get some apps which hang while using.
Six of the best comic reader apps.
The joy of browsing dusty comics in dusty back-street stores will never die, but these days there's' also a shiny digital way to get your DC or Marvel fix. Yes, in the past few years the way we read comics has undergone a sea change every bit as big as that affecting books and music. Here's' our guide to the best mobile comic reader apps in the world.
Peruse: A Comic Book Reader for Linux Desktops.
Peruse has a simple and intuitive UI but I must admit that it is a just a couple of paces away from boring the app needs a better-polished look to be able to compete with already famous comic book readers in the market. As is typical of e-book apps, you can sort comics by title, author, series, or recently added. Peruse Comic Reader.
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Just like books, comics have also gone digital, resulting in a proliferation of apps that let you read your favorite digital comics on the go and organize your electronic collections. From all-in-one marketplace and reader apps to lightweight readers and Web comic viewers, here are our 15 favorite mobile comic book readers.
Peruse: Comic Book Reader by KDE.
The welcome page in the application first screenshot below shows you your most recently read comics, and shows your progress through them. To pick up where you left off, simply tap the top left item and you will be taken right to the page you were reading before you had to stop. What formats does Peruse support? Peruse Reader supports a wide range of formats.:

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